Enterprise Rental Cars Are Worth Looking At

Tenerife Car Rental.Everyone needs to rent a car at some point in his or her life. It could be while on vacation or when your current vehicle needs some work done or has been in an accident. Enterprise rental cars are a great option for someone who needs to rent a car. While they specialize in local and neighborhood rentals, they also have locations at many airports. They have some great perks, one of which is a free pick-up service that is very handy when you need to get to the rental office and don’t have a way to get there easily.

Enterprise rental cars have gone from being a very small business to being a very large one. Their goal is to provide service in neighborhoods. This is why many of their offices are located where people actually live and work. It is their claim that 90% of the U.S. population is within a fifteen minute drive of an Enterprise rental office.

Enterprise rental cars offer many good discounts and an easy rental procedure, but one of the best things about Enterprise rental services is that they will rent a car to someone who is not 25 years of age, provided they have a valid license and a good driving record. Many young people do not know that you can’t rent a car from other conventional rental services unless you are at least 25 years of age. In my opinion, that shows that Enterprise really cares about their customers, and wants to have repeat business from not only the traditional car renter but also the younger person who may not rent a lot now but could be a potentially good customer in the future.

The prices for renting a car from Enterprise are extremely competitive, and you can find excellent discounts by searching online. Like any car rental agency, you can rent anything from an economy compact car to a luxury car to trucks and vans. They have all types of rentals available.

Of course, with any car rental, it is a good idea to find out what costs are not included in the rental price. If you have decent personal auto insurance, you do not have to purchase theirs. This is pretty much a rip-off every time. If you are an overly cautious person, feel free to add it onto your bill, but you really don’t need it. Never return a car to the rental agency without filling the tank first. It should have at least as much gas as was in it when you got it, or they will charge you a lot more than it would actually cost to fill the tank. Hidden charges can cost you a lot more than the quoted rental price, so read over your paperwork carefully before signing anything and take good care of your rental vehicle.

Article by Bob Hett, get the information by visiting http://www.rentalcarscenter.info
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What to Expect in a Car Rental Contract
(Tenerife Car Rental)

Tenerife Car Rental.While each rental company will have its own contract, there are some standards that cover the basic areas of every car rental agreement. If the contract has anything different in it, the company is obligated to point this out to you, though it is still a good idea to look through any paperwork before signing it.

A car rental agreement is basically a contract between the lender of the car and the renter who will be using it. These usually favor the lender, but if you pay attention to the extras, you'll be able to keep things pretty fair.

Standard Requirements from the Renter

Every car rental contract will require the presentation of a valid driver's license. This is standard. Only drivers whose names are actually on the rental agreement can drive the vehicle . . . if someone else is driving and has an accident, you`ll be liable for everything, even if you purchased insurance.

Age is another issue. While you can drive at 16, you can't rent a car at this age. Most states require drivers to be 21 or older before they can legally sign a contract and rent a vehicle. This does vary somewhat, though and if you are traveling outside the country, you will want to find out what the standard age is.

Contract Sections Dealing with Potential Problems

There is always the risk that a vehicle will get dinged or even destroyed while in the renter's hands. For this reason, there is usually an optional insurance that you can purchase at the same time as you rent. Many people actually have this covered under their usual auto insurance, so check this first, before buying extra insurance.

Any tickets, speeding, parking or otherwise, that are incurred during the lease of the vehicle will need to be paid by the renter. Any damage is usually fined, so it pays to take a walk around the vehicle and point out any damages that are already in existence. Be sure these are marked and signed on the contract so you have proof that they didn't occur while you were driving.

There should also be well laid out consequences for things like returning the vehicle late or with an empty gas tank. Returning the car to a different location than where you rented it is something that often comes with a fee, as well. Be sure to read this part carefully, since you can save quite a bit of money by paying attention and making sure that you bring the vehicle back in the proper condition.

Possible Restrictions of Use

Every contract will tell you how you can use the vehicle that you are renting. Most won't allow you to cross a border or go off-roading. Some areas will have very specific rules, while others will depend on the type of vehicle that you are renting. Some companies will allow you to use only up to a certain number of kilometers or miles within the time period specified. If you go over this limit, you`ll end up paying premium prices. This makes it cheaper to stay in the area.

It's important to always read through the car rental contract before you sign it, just in case there are any surprises. You won't have any defense if you just don`t read it. Most rental forms are fairly short, so you don't need to waste too much time checking it and learning about what your responsibilities are. This also prepares you for the possibility of problems, since you will already know how these are commonly dealt with. Car rentals are a great convenience and it helps to understand the contract.

Article by Amy Nutt
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Tips For Choosing The Right Car Rental Company
(Tenerife Car Rental)

Tenerife Car Rental.When it comes to choosing a car rental company, there are several important factors to consider. You want to know that the car you rent will get you where you are going without any major problems occurring, and that the company who rents you the car is reputable and reliable. The key is to make an informed choice, and to do that, you will need information. Below are tips that will help get you started in Tenerife, and bring you that much closer to making your decision.

1. The first thing you will need to know is the terms and conditions for renting a car in your area, or in the location where the car will be driven. This applies to both renting a car and renting a car service. The two most important are that the driver must be a certain age, and must carry a legal driver’s license. Others will be specified by different areas. In some cases, a credit check may be implemented.

2. Make sure the person who will be driving the car has a clean driving record. Many car rental companies will reject drivers who have traffic violations that include recurring speeding tickets, DUIs, and even seatbelt violations.

3. Most car rental companies will not accept a cash deposit for renting a vehicle. This is because car hire and rental companies need a guarantee of payment for the services they will render, so you will be required to use a credit card in order to make your deposit. As stated above, a credit check may be run before the transaction is even put through, and you may be rejected if that check shows you to have bad credit.

4. Know the size vehicle you will need. This will most likely depend on the number of people traveling with you, and where you are going. If you will be driving on rough terrain, you will want a vehicle equipped to handle it. If you are driving around a city, a smaller car might work for you.

5. Know how much you are willing to spend on rental fees. The cost can sometimes vary greatly from one company to another, so it really pays to check around before actually making a decision.

If more than one company offers you the same or a similar price, compare the services each offers. Also check the types of cars each company has available. The last thing you want is to get stranded in a car that was doomed from the beginning. Most car companies perform a regular check of their vehicles, so this may not be an issue. Know the terms of each company, and be sure they are clearly understood. This will help you through the process from beginning to end.

article source : Amy Nutt - Discount Car & Truck Rentals needs at http://www.discountcar.com.au/
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Exotic car rentals: Where to find the world's finest rides(Tenerife Car Rental)

Tenerife Car Rental.Flanked by gently swaying carpets of native grasses, you accelerate onto the A48. You've just left the historic town of Cardiff, and are ready for some relaxation after a day of exploring the waterfront and the town's 2,000-year-old castle. It's early autumn in the picturesque Welsh countryside, and the roof on your Aston Martin DB9 Volante is down, making the howling of the massive 6.0 litre V12 engine even easier to enjoy in Tenerife.

Perhaps more stunning than the bucolic surroundings is the fact that this 450-horsepower, 186-mph handmade brute isn't even yours. It's a rental—yours for just $1,111 per day.

Welcome to the rarefied world of rentable exotica, an infinitesimal portion of the highly competitive $21.5 billion-per-year rental car industry, where virtually any über-upscale car manufactured for sale is also available to rent—for business, leisure or both. But not to everyone, and for a price.

"A general rule of thumb for luxury car rentals is to price the daily rental at one percent of the sticker price of the vehicle," says Chris Brown, managing editor at the trade publication Auto Rental News. "So, a Lamborghini Gallardo can rent from $1,600 to $2,500 a day depending on the area, and a Ferrari 360 Modena can run you about $1,000. Porsches will rent for less, but we don't keep overall statistics on exotics as it is such a specialty market."

In fact, according to the American Car Rental Association, these top-of-the-line and exotic vehicles represent such a tiny fraction of the millions of rentals each year that the ACRA doesn't even keep track of such statistics, saying they are far too minute.

In the U.S. the trend of renting upper-echelon automobiles exploded along with the burgeoning disposable incomes of young dot-commers. But in Europe, it's been happening for years, according to Graziella Zanoletti, president of Geneva-based Elite Rent-a-Car, whose 21-year-old company is among the oldest in the field.

"This is really not new here," she says of her firm, which throughout the years has outfitted vehicles for the likes George Soros, Bill Gates, Richard Gere, the Ruler of Dubai Sheik Mohammed Al Maktoum and the recently deceased Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates.

In the United States, most rental cars exist to get you from point A to point B. Peter Schroeder, a German CEO who on a recent business trip to Los Angeles couldn't secure a car with navigation unless it was dubbed a "luxury" car. "It was crazy," he says.

These cars are different. With an average cost well into six figures, these are the very crème de la crème of the automotive world; they come with virtually every gadget and gizmo and can be had for a price—and with more than a few restrictions and requirements.

In Europe, for example, Sixt, an ever-expanding German-based agency, rents the blistering 12-cylinder Mercedes Benz S600, but not to those under 30 and only if they've had a driver's license for three years. Furthermore, two credit cards are required as part of the security deposit, and you can't take the vehicle to countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and others, for fear that they might end up on the black market—or in a chop shop—somewhere in the Ukraine or Moldova.

Similarly, when you rent an Audi A8 Quattro or Mercedes SL500 from Auto Europe, you may not drive it to "Eastern Europe," according to a spokesperson. For most, however, these limitations are few and who, after all, wants to drive to Bulgaria when you can thrash about along the high-wire blacktop connecting Cinque Terre?

In fact, an informal and decidedly unscientific survey found that most people rent these cars do so for the self-indulgent pursuit of being seen—especially in their local haunts or by people whom they are trying to impress, say business associates. Either that or because they've dreamed up a special weekend getaway for someone they're with or wishing to court.

Other, more-pragmatic types, according to New York City-based Gotham Dream Cars' CEO Noah Lehmann-Haupt, rent before deciding whether to purchase. "A large portion of our customers, in addition to those who rent for fun and those who get gift certificates for a spouse or loved one, are people who are actually considering buying these supercars," he says. "And since most dealerships won't allow extended test drives, our customers prefer spending a few thousand dollars before putting down $200,000."

Their choices? Anything from the fiery Ferrari F430 to the dignified Rolls-Royce Phantom, which comes with a chauffeur. The price for all this indulgence? From $1,750 for a day in the Ferrari. Or the Rolls Royce "Roller," offered through the Madison Chauffer Service, which costs $5,400 for 12 hours.

For sheer beauty, few if any locales can beat the Côte d'Azur. At Elite Rent-a-Car's Monaco branch, one of more than 12 locations the 21-year-old company has throughout Europe, you can get behind the wheel of the Lamborgini Gallardo Spyder or one of two sharp-suited, full-size SUVs, like the Porsche Cayenne S or the Range Rover HSE, and head for route D2566, a stunning ribbon of asphalt high in the Maritime Alps that stretches from Monte Carlo to the Col de Turini. If that's too far south, ask for the Bentley Continental GTC at Excellence Luxury's Paris office and head to Alsace and the stunning Route du Vin.

But according to Zanoletti, president of Elite Rent-a-Car, a luxury rental is more than the car. "A top rental is more like a personalized service. You could be driving away with anything from a Mini Cooper S or the MG 55 or the Range Rover Sport," she says. "What really makes the difference is the customized service, be it door-to-door delivery, 24-hour on-call reservations or whether the fleet has something that sets it apart."

These four-wheeled beauties aren't limited to those living or traveling to Europe and the U.S. In Melbourne, Australia, Sports Car World Rentals offers a Ferrari 430 Spider and a Lotus Elise, while across town Exotic Car Rentals serves up a roster of Porsche 911s.

Or, perhaps an exotica from yesteryear is more your speed. The Historic & Classic-car Hirers Guild (HCHG), the largest purveyor of classic cars in Britain, offers motoring enthusiasts an Aston Martin DB6 (James Bond's car in Thunderball), a 1972 and 1979 Rolls, a 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV, a 1933 MG J2 convertible and a Jaguar E-type.

source: Usa Today articles By Farhad Heydari and Jessica Thom, ForbesTraveler.com
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Budget Car Rental Tips - How to Save
(Tenerife Car Rental)

Tenerife Car Rental.Budget car rentals are a traveler's savior from being stranded in one place; getting around by taxi is ok, providing you don't mind waiting or the expensive fares! The one thing you don't want though is to be lumbered with a car that sounds like your lawnmower. OK, so I may be exaggerating a little but it is something you have to look out for because the last thing you want is to have a car that is not going to be of any use. That said; here are a few ideas you can use when organizing your rental car in Tenerife.

The first easy option is to be in control of what you spend by finding a budget car rental company online that lets you set your own financial limit. These companies will try and get you the best deal available and often offer other upgrades or incentives to get your custom. It is not unusual to find that package deals that incorporate a flight and rental car, provide other incentives such as a vehicle upgrade for instance although this is rarely the case if you book with one of the airlines directly. Unfortunately, airlines although convenient aren't really the more economic way to go, their car rental prices are hardly budget, and tend to be higher than those of outside firms.

If you are not used to arranging budget car rental on the internet, do not let that put you off as you will be pleasantly surprised by the offers available. You will often find that there are discounts and extras available but only from the company's web site. Do not always take the first offer that comes your way, unless you are limited on time because there are bound to be other discount offers available if you have the time to take a look. Another thing to consider is the ease with which you can rent a car without leaving the comfort of your house.

Another thing to ask is whether your credit card company has negotiated special discounts with the budget car rental company you are going to use. The frequent flyer program is still available or perhaps you are a member of an organization that has preferential rates arranged.

Another tip is to check you rental car carefully and let the company know of any damage you find before you drive away. For you own peace of mind and financial well-being, check out all the vehicles controls and make sure everything that is fitted works so you won't have to pay for something that was faulty when you drove it away.

Now we pass the subject of protection because sometimes your own car policy will cover the rental car insurance required. Check this out before you take out any additional cover from the rental firm. Although the rental car insurance isn't going to be costly, there is no point in paying out twice if your current auto insurance will cover you; whatever the situation, insurance is always required when you rent a car especially in Tenerife.

Always make sure you have auto insurance as the penalties for driving without adequate cover are severe.

Make sure to use these Budget car rental tips on your next vacation or business trip. Please visit Budget car rental tips for more information on this topic.

Article Source by Harry Bernstein
(Tenerife Car Rental)

Tenerife Car Rental Road Tips

Tenerife Car Rental is concerned about our customers' safety. Here are precautions you can take to ensure you have a safe and pleasant journey.

1. at the Airport
Review maps and other visitor information before leaving the rental car area. Reading a map while driving is dangerous and can indicate you are unfamiliar with the area. Always ask for directions before leaving the rental counter.
At airports, rental car plazas or other transportation terminals, do not leave luggage unattended. If there is more than one person in your party, assign someone to stay with the bags. Only the renter and any additional drivers are required to rent the car.

2. Your Rental Vehicle
Familiarize yourself with the vehicle's safety equipment, including hazard lights, windshield wipers, the spare tire, seat belts and door locks. Always be alert to your surroundings and know how to reach your destination prior to your departure. Make sure the vehicle always has plenty of gasoline.

3. Crime Prevention
Don't stop if a passing motorist tells you that something is wrong with your vehicle or if someone bumps you from behind. Pull into the nearest service station or well-lit public area. Call the police.
At stoplights, leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the one in front of you in case you must pull away quickly. Always keep doors locked and windows rolled up when driving or when parked. Keep valuables in the trunk or in the locked glove compartment.
Learn emergency vehicles' signals. Police lights are red and blue. Do not stop for flashing white headlights alone. Do not resist in the rare event that a stranger demands your valuables. Your well-being is more important than your belongings. Always use seat belts. It is the law and may save your life in the event of an accident.
Don't pick up hitchhikers under any circumstances. Always be aware of the pedestrian traffic around your vehicle. Always park in a well-lit area. Have car keys in hand and check in and around the car before entering.
Don't take shortcuts to save time or exit expressways prematurely to save tolls. Tolls are a nominal charge, change is available at many booths, and your safety is most important.
Use automated teller machines only in busy, unobstructed areas and count your money inside the car with the doors locked.

4. Stay Secure In Your Vehicle
If your car malfunctions on a major thoroughfare, lock the doors, turn on the hazard lights and wait for the police to arrive. If someone offers help, have them call the police.
Don't pull over to assist what may appear to be a disabled car, even if someone tries to wave you down. If you have a cellular phone, call the police for them.
Drive to a service station or store if you need information or directions. Casual street-corner directions are the surest way to get lost.

These safety tips are general common-sense suggestions from Tenerife car rental. The safety of you and your passengers is most important. However, remember that personal safety is your responsibility. Do what you think is best under the circumstances. Above all, stay alert and be cautious.Hopefully you have a happy journey!
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Software For Your Car Rental
(Tenerife Car Rental)

Since 1983, TSD’s rental software has been installed at thousands of car rental locations worldwide. The vehicle rental industry looks to TSD for the newest technology and best support.
Thousands of customers have chosen TSD's RENTAL software solution, making TSD the industry-leader in technology for the vehicle management business.It becomes the number one rental software company for 25 years. The advantages by using this software is:

1. Increase Control.
Manage and monitor counter activity with TSD Rental Management Software. TSD provides you with a variety of reports and security controls to regulate the day-to-day functions at your auto rental company

2.Increase Profits.
Never leave money on the table by quoting with TSD’s unique Rate Shopper. Set up rate rules to ensure that you are making maximum profit off each rental. Properly plan and utilize your fleet with comprehensive reporting.

3.Improve Customer Service.
Process customers quickly and efficiently with a simple 2-screen open process and a variety of repeat and preferred renter features.

4.Split a Bill Flawlessly.
Handle insurance replacement or corporate rentals with TSD’s unique rental software split billing features. Split billing is smoothly carried through to your accounting reports.

5.Present a Professional Image.
A customized rental agreement not only ensures that all of your essential renter information is captured, but also presents a more professional image to the customer. Rental software also provides you with professionally printed quotes.

6.Effectively Plan and Manage Your Fleet.
Comprehensive reporting features provide you with all the data you need to maintain the most profitable car rental company possible. Click here to view a customer success stories.

For information contact:
Toll Free (800) 743-1200
Voice (978) 794-1400
Fax (978) 794-1455
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